“Happy Easter – With God The Only Way To Live,” (Sunday, April 1, 2018)…..

April 1st, 2018

Song: “Love Lifted Me,” Alan Jackson (YouTube)

Bible Scripture: (The New American Standard Bible)…Philippians 4:8…”Finally brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good refute, if there is any excellence, and of anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.”

The Message: Our God is Alive. Jesus is risen. Jesus gives us His Love, and forgiveness. For without it we live in darkness, ignorance, hate, disgust for one another. The only way we can live a succesful life is with God. God is the light to our understanding, common sense, in treating others the way we want to be treated.

America is suffering from vile hatred. Hatred we haven’t seen in generations. We use to say, “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” How many people think that calling someone names is much more dangerous than sticks and stones? Where did this come from? America has become a nation without God. God is being told, “We don’t need You. We don’t owe You anything. You are out of touch. We don’t want You in our schools, in our nation, or in our way of life.”

How sad that God is thrown out the door? Thankfully this is not all Americans, this is just a few millions who are sick in their heads, otherwise known as the Democratic Party. These people lack respect for themselves, and for other Americans. They want to be treated with respect, but unfortunately, they fail to treat others with the same respect they want for themselves. They also lack honesty, and will lie to their constituents. How unrighteous that their constituents keeps voting for them even though they are being lied to.

Do any of you, people have any courage, to say, “I am finished with your hateful message for America, and for our way of life? I don’t want to live in hate, always angry every day. Hating this group, and that group of people, people of different nationality, becoming very violent, killing in schools, and blaming the gun instead of the person who used that gun to kill.

Encouragement (Just Do): Stay away from hateful people, and live a life you were meant to have. God gave you a wonderful life, but you don’t want to gain knowledge for yourself. You feel it is much easier to be a follower of hateful people. Just think, if you spent half, just half a day of doing good for yourself, imagine how successful you would be? Love is positive, love is the power for success. Love is your guide to happiness. Hate is negative, and always want to destroy anyone with different ideas/goals for themselves.

God is the answer. It is easy to get to know God. All you do is start talking, asking God for His advice for your life. Ask God to show you the desire of your heart, and how to accomplish wisdom for youself. Start today, stay away from those who have nothing to do except hate everyone. Start living a life of happiness, a life of much success. Try it, with God this is possible. I know, because I have lived it with God. God is the “Only Way Of Life” for you. God bless you until we meet again…..

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“God Blesses America and Her Soldiers,” (Memorial Day, Monday, May 29, 2017)….

May 29th, 2017

Song:  (1)..”God Bless America, Kate Smith (You Tube),”  (2)..”Amazing Grace, The Oak Ridge Boys (You Tube),” (3)..”Stand By Me, Ben. E. King (You Tube).”

Bible Verse:  (The New American Standard Bible)…Psalm 9:1-2…..(1)  “I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart; I will tell of all Thy wonders.  (2)  I will be glad and exult in Thee; I will sing praise to Thy name, O Most High.”


Today is Memorial Day.  Why should we remember Memorial Day?  Memorial Day is a time that America has set aside to remember our roots.  We remember our wonderful, devoted, honorable soldiers who protect America from forces who want America destroyed.  A nation cannot survive without protection.  Our soldiers protect this nation ever since the Revolutionary War when we fought England for our freedom.  There have been many wars that America has stood and fought with all her might to survive.

Why has America survive ever since 1776 when we fought England to become a free nation?  I can think of only One Person who has protected America ever since the beginning.  That Person is none other than our Creator, Builder of Life, the Soul of America, Our Holy Father, who abundantly blesses America all these 240 years.  Our freedom will be celebrated on July 4, 2017.  Am I bragging?  No, I am telling the truth.  Without God, America would just be another nation among the world.

I have seen many things, some good, and some not so good.  But on the whole, America exists because of God.  With God we have something so worthy, not all nations have this, only America.  We have freedom, and with freedom wars must be fought.  This is where our soldiers come in.  We have so many good Americans who will fight to make sure that America stays free.  Each soldier is vital to America’s existence.  Without the sacrifice of so many good men, and women in our military, America would cease to exist.  Each soldier is a hero in their own right.  The fact that they signed up, or were drafted, and they said, “Here I am, I will serve America for freedom,” says a lot about our mighty Americans.

Today, we remember God and His blessings for America, and our soldiers.  We are not a perfect nation, but with freedom, America is an exceptional nation, ready for freedom to live our life as we see fit.  Most of us are religious, so we are thankful, and grafetful to God for America.

Join me in thanking God, our Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ for standing by America.  God’s blessings are eternal, and never stops.  His generosity is tremendous, and no one can match God’s generosity.  I know because God keeps blessing each one of us of things that we know we do not deserve.  With God’s generosity, somehow a simple thank you is not enough.  But our God is wonderful, and all He requires is a simple thank you.  “Thank you sweet God for America’s blessings.”

We want to thank our soldiers, and their families.  It isn’t just the soldier who makes sacrifices, it is also their good families.  While the soldier is gone to serve, it is their families who live life taking the children to school, to swimming lessons, or sports activities.  The separation is very hard to endure, but these soldiers, and their families keep giving to America’s freedom.

Americans you are simply the best.  Let’s keep praying for America, and her soldiers, and their great families on this Memorial Day, May 29, 2017.  Bless all of you…..


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“Loving God,” (Monday, January 16, 2017)…..

January 16th, 2017

Songs:  (1)…”Starting All Over Again,”  (2)…”In This Life,” Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, (3)…”Amazing Grace,” The Oak Ridge Boys,” (4)…”America, The Beautiful,” Katherine Lee Bates (1913), Lyrics posted in “USA Flag Site.”

Bible Verse:  Deuteronomy 6:5  (The New International Version – NIV), Verse 5:  “Love the Lord with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength.” (From The Bible Gateway).


Message:   I grew up in the 1960s.  At that time, religion was part of the school curriculum.  Instead of being taught in school, we were allowed (with our parents’ approval to attend) on Wednesday (every week), at 2:00 pm to leave the campus for Bible Study.  There were two groups, “The Protestants,” and “The Catholics.”

My parents signed up for the Protestant Group.  I loved attending the Bible Study.  When I was in the 8th grade, I met this wonderful teacher.  Her lesson for that day was “The Importance of Prayer.”  She spoke with such love, and authority with a good message to go to God when you are happy, sad, angry or just needing God’s Help.  She took questions from the class.  Everyone had a different question.

One girl asked “She wants to be rich,”  What should she do?  The teacher said, “Ask God, and if He wants this for you, He will do it.”  I asked, “I want to be successful in school, what should I do?”  She said, “Talk to God, take everything to God.  He will give you answers to your questions.”  Then after the lesson, we were dismissed for refreshments, a hot dog, and a cookie, and drink.

I loved the lesson, and the last one to leave the room.  I went up to her, and thanked her for a wonderful lesson that I loved.  She said, “You are different from the others.”  (I don’t know what she meant, perhaps it is because I was the only one who wasn’t interested in being rich, and famous).  ha, ha, ha…..  Anyway, she took my hand, and looked me in the eyes, and said, “Will you make me a promise?  Will you promise to talk with God, everyday, about anything that bothers you, make you sad, happy, and whatever else you are thinking of?”  I said, “Yes, I promise to talk with God everyday.”

That was the first time and last time I saw her.  She died that week from a heart attack.  I never forgot her message to me.  In fact that was the best message I have been asked to do.  God became a big partner in life.  I talk with God much in the same way I would talk to anyone.  I am respectful, and appreciative for the daily talks with God.  From this advise, I too have told my sons to go to God everyday, and speak your concerns whatever it is. 

So, today as we approach a New Year, 2017, my message to you is to talk with God.  In this life, we sometimes have troubles, big or small, whatever it is that can be discouraging.  Well, talk to God, and He will calm your heart.  Between you and God, your problems can be solved.  His advise is always to bless you, and give you everlasting hope.  Some answers will come soon, and sometimes the answer is years later.  But it is solved for you. 

This year consider your life to be good, and successful.  God is the ONLY ONE to solve your problems.  Others can’t do it for you, especially our government.  Your life belongs to you, a precious gift from God.  You are the only one with your own DNA.  No one else is like you.  If you find it hard to talk with God, just say, “Thank You God on a daily basis.”  Your words will flow without your ever thinking of it. 

Until next time, “Let God be your partner.”


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“America In Despair, Believing In Messages Of Foolishness,” (Saturday, November 6, 2016)…..

November 5th, 2016

Songs: (1) “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore, The Walker Brothers,”  (2) “The Fightin Side Of Me, Merle Haggard,” (3) “I Will Survive, Gloria Gaynor.”

Bible Scripture:  (The New American Standard Bible) (From: The Bible Gateway)  (Mark 7:21-22)  (21)…For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed the evil thoughts, fornications, thefts, murders, adulteries, (22)…deeds of coveting and wickedness, as well as deceits, sensuality, envy, slander, pride and foolishness.”

America is in despair, sadness, and listening to leaders with nonsense (political correctness) ideas, while telling all of us that our Government will solve our problems.  This is a road to despair, without goals, and for sure the road to failure.  Our Government cannot even function without too many problems.  Our Government employ people without honesty, always looking to blame others if they make mistakes.

Believe me they make a lot of mistakes, and they can’t even be fired.  Most of our Government employees were believed to be surfing the web for porno sites, while they are supposedly working an 8-hour shift.  In a private sector, you would be fired on the spot, and escorted out by security guards.  But our Government doesn’t fire you, but instead give you promotions.

I am disappointed, and angry that the Democrat party’s message is “Wealth re-distribution, coveting, envy, jealousy, and without any reponsibility to be successful on your own merit, to stand on your own two feet.  Government is a failure, and the Democrat party is passing out an idea of failures.  Barack Hussein Obama’s message for 8 years is to let our Government take care of you.  How are you doing?

America has over 94 million people not working, welfare has grown more than any other time in history, more people are on food stamps, and we are welcoming too many illegal immigrants who can’t speak our language, and can’t find any employment.  They are cared for by our taxpayers, and our over-burden taxes.  We are over 20 trillion dollars in debt.

Barack Hussein Obama has welcomed illegal children without any adult supervision (hundred thousands).  These children are awards of our government.  They depend on taxpayers to pay for their food, their clothing, their education, medical health, and anything else they need.  We can’t even take care of our own American children in care facilities.  Hillary Clinton (as a Presidential candidate) is thinking of the same policy as that of Barack Hussein Obama.  It’s no wonder Americans are in despair and without any hope of success.

We can become successful if:  (1)…Depend on God.  (2)…Ask God for help in making decisions.  (3)…Work for a living.  (4)…Save your money.  (5)…Don’t listen to our Democrat leadership, who think Government is the answer to America’s Hope.  Our Government is the problem to all of our problems.  These are foolish people who think you are a child instead of an adult capable of making wise choices.

You are an adult, it is you who must live in freedom to make good decisions.  Grow up, and start living.  America is great because so many people are taking care of their own lives.  They work hard to pay our high taxes.  It is wrong for us to pay high taxes, and give our monies to another person who won’t work.  This is called stealing.  Taxpayers should help our disabled Americans only who can’t work, and our soldiers, and vets who protect our nation, police officers, firemen, and first responders to major problems.

Our Government should not fund illegal immigrants, as well as those businesses who want the Government to fund them to start their business.  It is time to put America first, and to live your life in freedom to be all that you can be.  It is you who will succeed when you depend on our Almighty God.  God is the ONE who offers blessings.  God doesn’t take from you, but instead give you blessings beyond what you can ever wish for.  Our Government wants to take monies away from you when you are successful, and give to others who won’t work.  Fair?  NO, NO, NO, NO.  “Go with God.  You will be happier for it.”

America’s Success Is With God Only……..

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“America Does Not Need Hillary Clinton As President Of The United States,” (Sunday, 10-18-2015)…..

October 18th, 2015

Songs:  (1) “Material Girl,” Madonna; (2)  “You’re No Good,” Linda Rondstad; (3) “Liar,” 3 Dog Night; (4) “Liar, Liar,” The Castaway (1965)……….

Bible Scription:  The New American Standard, Matthew 7:15-16.  (15) “Beware of the false prophet who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.  (16) You will know them by their fruits.  Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they?”


Hillary Clinton is not Presidential Material.  You think I am being mean, don’t you?  Well, I am not.  If you use your God-given common sense, you will also come to the same conclusion.  Hillary Clinton has been in politics ever since she graduated from college, you could say, “She’s been around for a long time.”  Hillary has more baggages than in all airports combined.  She has no record of accomplishments, but plenty of incompetence, and full of entitlements, while displaying a poor self-esteem personna.

When Hillary was in the White House, she displayed some very poor judgments.  For example, there were articles that she loses her temper a lot.  At one time, she picked up a lamp, and threw it at Bill Clinton, who was President Of The United States at the time.  Do you know what that means?  If a regular American ever threw a lamp at a sitting president, he/she would be jailed for attempted assassination of a President Of The United States.  But in Hillary’s case, since she is the spouse of a sitting President, no one would ever prosecute her.  Isn’t that correct?  Hillary is a scary spouse.

Then at one other time, Hillary requested that a memo be sent out.  This memo said, “Do not disturb Hillary while she is walking.  You are not to talk with her, or even say “Good Morning.”  You are to go to the nearest office, go inside, and wait for her to pass before going in the hallway.  She wants no conversation from anyone.”  All of us at that time, asked ourselves, “What is this about?  Does Hillary feel like she is queen therefore cannot be approached, or to even say, ‘Good Morning.'”  This is petty stuff, certainly not a grown up person would act this petty.  These are people who work for her husband in the White House.  Sounds like a terrible work environment, certainly not a friendly one.  “Can’t Hillary get along with anyone, the workers in the White House?”

Hillary had a problem with the White House Travel Office.  Hillary wanted her friends to take over this office.  So, instead of telling the Travel Office people that she was making some changes as to who would work in this office, there was talk of embezzlement of funds in the Travel Office.  The workers at that office then, were escorted out, and placed under arrest.  These Travel People all had to get lawyers, and finally went to trial.  It took the jury just 20 minutes to find that “No embezzlement occurred, and found all to be “NOT GUILTY.”  I don’t think these Travel people ever got their jobs back.  No one repaid them for the extra money spent on lawyers to keep them out of jail.  This was a very sad day what could happen to people working in the White House.  Scary stuff when you consider who was responsible for this terrible injustice.

Hillary gets away with a lot of things.  The woman is a walking tragedy.  She is rude, both in her speech, and demeanor.  Can you imagine a President who acts like a 7th. grader, always putting one side against another?  As someone who is past 67 years old, you expect Hillary to act like an adult.  No, she doesn’t.  I think it is her lack of common sense, lack of respect for people around her, or people with less education than her.  I think she is the one who expected our Military to walk around serving drinks to her guests.

As someone with a lot of common sense, I can see she is lacking good basic hygiene.  Hillary has always looked like she needs a good shower at least a 15 minute shower, and to shampoo her hair every day, and to wear clothes as if she did not sleep with her clothes on, and just decided to put the same clothes on.  Hillary lacks the clean-polished look as a leader of the most wonderful nation, “The United States of America.”  Maggie Thatcher (former Prime Minister of Britain) always looked polished, and wore clothes to make her look ready to meet other leaders of the world without looking like she just woke up wearing the same clothes. 

What is the saying, “If you don’t care about your personal appearance, you won’t care about the job you are doing.”  It is true.  If you care about your looks, you will put extra time in doing a good job doing whatever you are in charge.  The job of President Of The United States is a high job, you have to be ready with good thinking, good communication so that you don’t create a war-incident.  Hillary is careless, both in her appearance, and her conversation always contains envy, jealously, and coveting of other people’s properties.  The idea of wealth redistribution is a loser idea.  It is not the taxpayers job to make sure they work hard, earn enough money, to hand over to deadbeat Americans who refuse to work to fund their lives.  Hillary wants others to fund the deadbeats in order to buy votes for her, and the other Democrats.

Also what happened in Benghazi, Libya on 9-11-2012 where 4 Americans died while asking for help, and security, and no one came to help.  This is a biggie.  Hillary was the Secretary of State.  Where was she when these 4 Americans asked for help?  Why no one came to help?  We don’t know what she did at 3:00 am when the attack happened?  Hillary, Barack Hussein Obama, and Susan Rice kept repeating that it was the video no one saw is the one responsible for the attack of our embassy when 4 Americans died.  The families of the 4 Americans who died, still does not know what happened on 9-11-2012.  This attack was a terror attack, but no one in the Obama Administration wants to own this big mistake where 4 Americans died.

Hillary has a lot to answer for.  She could not complete her job as Secretary of State for the United States of America.  Now, Hillary wants to be America’s Commander-In-Chief.  Hillary does nothing in her high positions.  Let’s be honest, she only wants the perks of President Of The United States, and the potential of how much money she can earn while in office.  While living in the White House, Hillary was happy to greet people who carried about $600,000.00 in a paper bag trying to get access to Bill Clinton.  Bill and Hillary sold the Lincoln Bedroom as if it was Motel 6.  There were people coming to the White House, even if Bill, and Hillary were not home, and these people stayed in the Lincoln Bedroom on our taxpayer monies. 

Americans we are making a big mistake if we vote Hillary for President Of The United States.  We are already in deep trouble while Barack Hussein Obama is in the White House for 7 years.  Having another Democrat as President is a big tragic disaster we can’t solve.  Please do America a favor, “NO HILLARY IN THE WHITE HOUSE (ever)!”……


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“Voting Is A Privilege For Citizens Of The United States Of America,” (Monday, 11-3-2014)…..

November 3rd, 2014


Today’s Song:  “God Bless America,” Words and music by Irving Berlin. (Copyright 1938, 1939 Irving Berlin).  www.ScoutSongs.com

Bible Verse:  (The New American Standard Bible), Psalm 27:1…..”The Lord is my light, and my salvation.  Whom shall I fear?  The Lord is the defense of my life.  Whom shall I dread?”


Topic:  “Voting Is A Privilege For Citizens Of The United States Of America.”

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 4, 2014 is the assigned time for all United States of America citizens to vote on election day.  You must be registered to vote.  Voting is a privilege, and not something to take lightly with causing fraud, or for illegals to vote since they are not citizens, and to vote only one time.  You are one person, therefore you should only have one vote. 

I and other Patriotic Americans have voted since this is our right as citizens of the United States of America.  We love this nation, therefore we are going to vote for the right things to help this nation succeed as past Patriotic Americans have done for a very long time.  We should always vote for people with common sense, with problem solving ideas, and ideas to better each one of us citizens.

Today, I cannot believe all the petty sayings against another American simply because the Democrat party want to stay in power.  These Democrats talk about the same things, in the past 60 years that I know of.  They speak of entitlements as if this is a right.  Wrong, wrong, wrong, it is not right to take the monies of another American to pay for the living expenses of voters for the Democrat party.

Your life belongs to you.  It is your duty, and obligation to work for a living in order to eat, in order to pay for housing, in order to buy what you need to make your life easier to live in America.  The notion that each taxpayer must pay higher taxes, because another American doesn’t have the funds to live is just plain wrong. 

It is one thing to help disabled Americans, or help a very sick American citizen who can’t work to fund their living expenses.  It is disgusting for an able bodied American to decide not to work.  It is unfair, and totally a misplaced value of responsibility if you think you can ride on someone’s back to get free access to taxpayer monies.  Illegals coming to this nation without authorization to come to America, should never get any taxpayer funds.  It is not cruel.  You are not an American citizen, therefore you don’t deserve taxpayer monies.

There are so many things wrong in this country, at the top of this wrong is the wasteful spending of precious taxpayer dollars.  Americans who work deserve to save their monies to help them, their families, or their retirement.  It is unfair to think we owe every illegals our monies that they did not earn.  I am sorry you are needy, and need funds, but this is not the responsibility of American citizens.  Even your own country do not give you monies to fund your living expenses in your own nation. 

Tomorrow we are going to vote for leaders who are suppose to be looking out for America, and American citizens.  I hope each one of you will take the time to use your common sense, and good knowledge to know which person you should not vote for.

Since Barack Hussein Obama has been voted President Of The United States, 2 times, America has lived in despair.  Every single problem such as jobs, the slow economy, the over spending, has gotten worse.  There is no problem solving.  Instead we are looking at incompetency, fraud, envy, jealousy coveting, and redistribution of wealth.  It is unfair to expect working taxpayers to fund voters of the Democrat party.

You wonder why there is anger across America.  Look at what is happening:  The IRS scandal (the targeting of the Tea Party) to make sure they do not obtain tax-exempt status even though most liberal Democrats have tax-exempt status when they apply, and get that application approved in 3 months or less.

We also have problems with the gun selling of Fast and Furious.  Eric Holder is suppose to investigate this problem, but he has not, and won’t investigate anything in the Obama Administration.

We also have problems with radical Islams gunning to take Americans out.  They are beheading people who haven’t done a thing to them.  Look around, every where you turn, there are problems.

The biggest problem so far is the Ebola crisis.  Ebola is a deadly disease.  It is a disease that makes it impossible for your body to retain any body fluids.  I had read that you bleed from your eyes, nose, mouth (throwing up), and having severe blood diarrhea.  This is an awful way to die.  Instead of putting restrictions of people coming from Ebola nations, we are wasting our time, supossedly testing travelers as they get off of airplanes. 

Common sense would demand that you deny travel to America,  those people who are coming from Ebola countries.  We could use the monies from the quarantines to buy soap, bleach, gloves, body garments to protect workers from Ebola fluids, face masks, etc.  These Ebola countries also have problems feeding their population. 

America could be providing food for these people who can’t go to the stores, who by the way, have closed.  No one can work.  Most families have lost a loved one through Ebola.  There are too many children orphaned by losing both parents to Ebola.  This is the sad part of children who can’t help themselves.  America should be helping in this respect.

It is very important that we decide on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 to vote for common sense leaders who can make good laws to help America, Americans, and to help those around the world who need our help.  America has always been a helper, this should not change now.

Please vote wisely:  You should not vote for any Democrat who by the way do not have any problem solving ideas, other than to trash the people they are running against.  We must grow up, act like adults.  The Democrat party is acting like a bunch of junior high school students, petty, unfair, and void of common sense.  America has too many problems to solve, otherwise, we will become another third-world country who can’t help anyone around the world….  If America goes down, so does everyone else around the world….


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“Common Sense Women Are Smart And Successful (God Made Them This Way),” (Tuesday 9-30-2014)…..

September 30th, 2014


Today’s Song:  “A Hundred Pounds Of Clay (January 1961),” Gene McDaniels.

Bible Scripture (The New American Standard Bible): Genesis 2:21-23…..(21)…”So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; then He took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh at that place.   (22)… The Lord God fashioned into a woman the rib which he had taken from the man, and brought her to the man.   (23)…The man said, “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; She shall be called woman because she was taken out of a man.””


Topic:  “Common Sense Women Are Smart And Successful (God Made Them This Way),” Tuesday, 9-30-2014.

I have always believed that God created woman to be smart, and successful.  Why do I think this way?  I think this way because God gave each one of His human creations common sense.  Common sense is a gift that God created for survival.  This is such an amazing gift.  Common sense is similar to wisdom.

When you have common sense, you are not easily fooled by someone who is a sweet talking guy who corrupts, and targets you as his victim.  Common sense searches for the truth.  Common sense looks for the right way, and the wrong way to do things.  What do I mean?  When you have common sense, you won’t cheat your parents, your friends, etc. out of  their money, nor steal their money. 

When you have common sense you make decisions which are based on truth, honesty, to be your guide.  When you have common sense, you listen to the words of the one speaking, and search for the truth behind their words.  When you think his words are too good to be true, then it is a con-job, to fool you from making wise decisions.  You know when someone is lying to you.   And you are angry with such a dishonest person. 

You don’t listen to lies.  And when you hear lies the first time, you know down deep in your heart, more lies are coming your way.  What do I mean?  The Democrat Party loves to tell you, “You don’t have to work, you can sign up for welfare, and let the government take care of you.”  If you believe this kind of talk, then you are way far gone beyond finding success on your own.  No one is giving you a free lunch.  Someone else has to pay for that free lunch you are being offered. 

What do you suppose will happen to you, when taxpayers no longer have the money to pay for your living expenses?  One of these days, taxpayers are going to revolt because the government is taking more, and more of our monies to redistribute our monies to other people who have no intentions of working.  Former Prime Minister Margaret Tatcher (England) said, “The bad thing about socialism is that you run out of other people’s money.”

Yes, you are living the welfare life on other people’s monies.  But the time is near when America is going to be broke, and must live like a third-world countries, like most African nations.  America is bankrupt.  Our debt exceeds what we bring in tax collection.  Our foolish leaders think we should bring other people from other nations as illegal aliens who do not speak our language, no education, and must depend on welfare.  We cannot afford to bring in everyone from around the world.  Where are jobs for all these expenses?  We have less, and less people working.

Common sense when used makes you smart, and successful.  You don’t want mediocrity in your life.  You are willing to work, to save, to create a budget in order to save enough monies in case there are problems down the road in your life.  The foolish say, “Don’t save, there are more monies to be had in America, just ask the taxpayers to pay for your living expenses.”  Who are the foolish telling you this?  The Democrat Party are the party of envy, jealousy, coveting, redistribution of other people’s wealth, and creates class warfare for all Americans.

Negativism is not the way to live a happy life.  When you are negative, all you think about is why someone else has more money than you.  It isn’t fair.  This is what the Democrats tell us, “Women do not earn enough money, and there is a war on women.”  The war-on-women is not from the GOP, or another group of Americans.  The war-on-women are from the Democrat party.  They are the party who thinks you shouldn’t work to earn your own money for living expenses.

Women who have common sense, do not dwell on what they don’t have.  They dwell on how to find a job that will help them pay for their living expenses.  They work 2-3 jobs in order to supply what their family needs, food, housing, clothing, and whatever else is needed.  If you want to be a successful person, “IT IS YOU WHO MUST WORK TO PROVIDE WHAT YOU NEED.”  There is no such thing as Santa Claus for adults to give you whatever you want.

There are millions of common sense women.  You don’t hear from them complaining what they don’t have.  They are too busy working, helping their husbands earn the monies to better their family life.  Common sense women are thinkers, thinking how to survive in America when everything cost more to live. 

If you want success, think, and use your common sense.  If you have no common sense, by all means, go to God in prayer.  Ask God to forgive you for listening to foolish Americans who think you can live without having to work.  Come back to reality, you have to work, or else starve.  There will be a time when taxpayers won’t give a penny for your living expenses.  That time is near, very near with the bad leadership we have in the Senate, and in the Presidency, with too much spending, on entitlements for those unwilling to work.   


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“Allowing Petty Nonsense To Guide Our Life,” (Sunday 8-31-2014)…..

August 31st, 2014


Today’s Song:  “God Bless America Again,” Bobby Bare…

Bible Scripture:  (New American Standard Bible)…..Psalm 10:3-4:  (3)…”For the wicked boasts of his heart’s desire.  And the greedy man curses and spurns the Lord.  (4)…The wicked in the haughtiness of his countenance does not seek Him.  All his thoughts are “There is no God.””


Topic:  “Allowing Petty Nonsense To Guide Our Life.”

Are you shocked at what is happening in America?  Did you ever think America, “The most successful nation in the world” would become a childish, petty nation where hurt feelings are more important than solving the many problems we have encountered for the last 6 years?  Are you shocked that we have put men and women who do not tell the truth  as leaders of the United States of America, in Congress, in the Senate, and as President of the United States?

How many of you recall the scandals of our time:  “There are a lot of misinformation about The Obamacare insurance law, and in the roll out of signing up in the Internet.”  We were told, “If you like your doctor, you can keep him/her.  You can save $2,500.00 per year.  The Obamacare otherwise known as The Affordable Act is going to insure you without your cost rising.  Everyone will be covered.”  By the way, we still don’t know all the facts of Obamacare.  That law is over 3,000 pages long, and the Democrats who passed this law never bothered to read it.  It was passed by Democrats’ votes only.

How many of you remember the IRS Scandal?  Lois Lerner has told Congress, “She did her job accordingly.”  Yet, she is withholding her email.  If there is nothing to this scandal, why hide Lois Lerner’s email.  If she did her job accordingly, wouldn’t Lois Lerner be happy, secure, and ready, willing to share what an excellent worker she was for the IRS?  Why the secrecy?  Why can’t Lois Lerner be bold, and tell the truth about her good job in the IRS?  Why retire when you did a good job, Lois Lerner? 

Wouldn’t the Democrats want more American people voting for Democrats once they hear what a good worker Lois Lerner was?  The Democrats are proud about Obamacare, then they should be proud of Lois Lerner, and her good job at the IRS.  The American people want to be told the truth in order to vote for the right people to hold office.  Hey Democrats, don’t you want more people like Lois Lerner in Congress, in the Senate, and perhaps in the presidency?  Be proud of Lois Lerner.  Why not allow Lois Lerner to campaign for all Democrats in Congress, and Democrats in the Senate for the 2014 electionLois Lerner would be a huge vote getter for Democrats in 2014.

Another scandal that we still don’t know the truth is “Benghazi.”  Remember, President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and National Security Adviser Susan Rice, told the American people that the attack on Benghazi was due to a video about Muslims.  We never heard the reason for the killing of 4 US Americans in Benghazi, Libya.  Their families are still left in the dark what happened to these Americans?  And how come there were no plans to rescue these 4 Americans?  Why were these Americans waiting for military help, yet they never received it, even though they asked for help several times.

We also have problems with illegal immigration.  How come we are welcoming children without their parents into the United States?  Why are we welcoming these children to break the law, and cut in line, from those children who are still waiting to be brought into the United States legally?  Who is going to take care of these children?  Who has the money to take care of these children,  for food,  for housing,  for health care, and for education?  America is broke, so where are we getting this money to care for children who are non-American citizens?  How come we are not solving problems we already have?  Illegal immigration should not become America’s number one problem when our economy is pretty bad for American citizens for the last 6 years.

We have big problems for Americans.  But what are our Democrat leaders doing?  Harry Reid (D- Nevada), “Majority Leader in the Senate,”  is writing letters with Democrat Senators, asking the owner of the Washington Redskins to change their name because it is offensive.  Most Americans are not offended by the name Redskins.  No, most Americans think the name Redskins are to be admired, celebrated, and a worthy name to be mentioned.  To be a redskin means to be proud of this good heritage.  God made many people, among them are red, yellow, black, and white.  This is mentioned in a children’s Bible song.

Harry Reid also has a problem with conservative billionaires such as the Koch Brothers.  The Koch Brothers earned their monies.  They earned this money by doing their work, investing, and are among the highest employers in America.  So, why trash such people who provide the opportunity for employment in America?

Harry Reid, and the Democrats have preached class warfare for some 50 years.  If you have worked hard, and have earned big bucks, they think you stole this money from hard working folks.  They bring such talk as redistribution of wealth, which is taking from the producers of money, and given to people who have not earned a nickel of this money.  Envy, jealousy, and coveting are not a good ideal plan to better Americans.  Each American must work for their own opportunity to eat, to have a home, to buy health insurance, and whatever else is needed.

So, we are inviting problems when we allow petty nonsense to guide our life.  Dwelling on pettiness, childish things are not building responsibility, motivation, and earning enough to make a living in America.  We are dwelling on stupidity when all we can come up with are petty nonsense to become law in America.  We are not a survivor when we allow pettiness to become our god, to take over our life of disliking this person, or that person, and hating those Americans who have monies.

We must come back to reality.  We should vote out every single leader who can’t tell the truth.  We should also not listen to the idea that everybody else owes you a living.  No, you either stand on your own feet, or else be left behind while other Americans are prospering.  You prosper when you work to earn a living.  You don’t become prosperous by taking welfare, food stamps, and welfare housing.  Earn it yourself, be proud of who you are, this is a self-esteem builder, working.  Success is within you, and with God’s Help, you are twice successful already.


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“Our Love For America On Her 238th Birthday,” (Friday, 7-4-2014)…..

July 4th, 2014


Today’s Song:  “The Star Spangled Banner,” Francis Scott Key (Note:  Congress proclaimed “The Star Spangled Banner,” the U.S. National Anthem in 1931), www.ScoutSongs.com

Bible Verse:  (The New American Standard Bible), Psalm 112:1-2…..(1)…”Praise The Lord!  How blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who greatly delights in His commandments.  (2)…His descendants will be mighty on earth; the generation of the upright will be blessed.”


Topic:  “Our Love For America On Her 238th Birthday, July 4, 2014.”

Praise The Lord!!!!!  America’s Exceptionalism is a Big Gift from God.  All that America has endured for 238 years is seen through God’s Love.  God holds America in His Hands.  No matter how big the trials and tribulations which America has endured, God stayed with America.  God has always blessed America as a guide, and beacon for the world.

Our Founding Fathers, men of love, and vision to help create a nation conceived in liberty, and freedom.  These brave men signed the Declaration of Independence (1776) with one certain truth, “Freedom from tyranny of government from the King of England.”  This theme is so evident when they wrote our laws in the Constitution. 

These wonderful men never saw the result of Freedom.  I am sure they dreamed it in their dreams of a nation which would be like no other in the world.  These men who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 were hunted down by the Mighty Red Coats (Britain’s Military).  Most of them lost everything such as their properties, their families, and died sick and penniless.  They sacrificed everything for a chance to live in Freedom.  Today, I don’t think many of us would sacrifice as much as our Founding Fathers.

No other nation is as successful as America, only 238 years old.  Why is that?  My Patriotic Friends, most of us know that Devine Greatness had a hand in forming America.  Who is that?  It is none other than the Creator of Life, Protector of America, Friend, the Inventor of Freedom, is God, as the True Living God, in the Bible.  God has blessed America all of the 238 years.

America has experienced much in the 238 years.  Even in wars, we struggled, but won even in despair.  Only God can bring a nation to bear such tragedies.  America never lost hope.  Many prayers went out every day, several times a day, God Listened, and Granted Our Prayers.  Even today, as we struggle with destiny, America hasn’t lost our Hope In God.  In Fact, we depend more, and more on God’s Help.

America’s greatness is not in one person, or even in many persons, it is through God’s Love.  God’s Love Sustains our despair.  A struggle is never a defeat, but it is a time to draw closer to God.  Only in God will our dreams be fulfilled.  Our Founding Fathers had a dream about Freedom, and it still exists today after 238 years.  No other country is totally dependant on God, but America is.  Thank God, He is Fast to Forgive our forgetfulness that God Exists Today.

We love America for the Freedom it gives us.  We love America because those who seeks God, finds God, Who Is only a prayer away.  We love America for the amazing, awesome, and generous population who gives when asked to provide for others.  We love America because we can find happiness in what we can do.  We love America for the wonderful Military who are always ready to protect this wonderful, great nation.

We love America because it is the person who is responsible to find happiness, and when in doubt, can always go to God in prayer.  God is the Binding Force in America.  There is no hopelessness in God.  God is our Authority Figure, and Solver for our many problems.  We love America because of our depending on common sense to guide us through despair.  Our common sense allows us to use good judgment to see a con-man talking trash to destroy America’s Greatness.

Let Us Pray:   Dear Wonderful Friend God:  Today we are celebrating America’s 238th Birthday.  We could not have come so far without Your Guidance.  It is through Your Wisdom, and Love that America has traveled so far to become a nation of value, and worth.

When we needed to fight wars, You have Provided the Soldiers to bring America out of fear, out of lost Freedom, out of being over-run by dictators all over the world.  If it were Not For You, we could not have had the courage, and sense of duty to keep on fighting even when we felt we might not win. 

You, our Dear Friend God, is why we are celebrating America’s Birthday.  Thank you for providing our Founding Fathers, the wisdom, courage, and bravery to fight for freedom, even when they did not see how good Freedom is to live under.

Dear Friend God, we are experiencing despair for 6 years.  Hug us, and don’t let us feel despair, but solve our problems.  We are praying daily for Your Intervention to remove the obstacles of our Freedoms today.  Dear Friend God, we have You, and Thank You that we can cry on Your Shoulders, and never for one moment feel total fear in our hearts. 

We Praise Your Goodness. Forgive us for allowing ourselves to become fearful during these 6 years with 2 more years of a failed leadership.  We especially want to pray for our many Men, and Women in our Military who are away from home, fighting, and keeping America safe.  Bring each one home safely, and secure to live within America’s 50 states.  Hold us extremely close Lord, expecially hardship for these 2 more years.  In Jesus’ Precious Name, we ask these prayers….(Amen)         


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“My Loving Early Wishes For Father’s Day,” (Saturday, 6-14-2014)…..

June 14th, 2014


Today’s Song:   “Oh My Papa,” Eddie Fisher, YouTube…..


Bible Verse:  (The New American Standard Bible),  Matthew 6:9-13…..(9)…Pray then in this way:  “Our Father who is in heaven, Hallowed be Your Name.  (10)…Your kingdom come.  Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  (11)…Give us this day, our daily bread.  (12)…And forgive us our debts, as we also have  forgiven our debtors.  (13)…And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  For Yours is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever.”  (Amen)…..


Topic:    “My loving early wishes for Father’s Day.”

Tomorrow we will celebrate “Father’s Day,” Sunday, 6-15-2014.  This is the special time that America is celebrating “Father’s Day.”  It is a yearly event.  Most of us go all out to celebrate this wonderful day when we honor, to love our Father for the many things he does in our life.  I have asked myself every year, “Where would any us be without a father to guide us?”

Not all of us have a good Father.  Most of us are lost for not knowing where our Father is, for we have grown up not knowing him.  He did not show himself in our lives.  We saw our friends have a Father, but we never even met our own Father.  We felt jealous to see our friends have a Father.  There were moments when we felt alone, lost, not even having a father figure in our life.  We felt lost, and without a man figure to love us.

If you did not have a father figure in your life, I want to take this time to introduce you to God, Our Creator, as stated in the Bible.  God is our Heavenly Father.  His Love is so Huge, you feel wanted.  God made you one-of-a-kind.  You are the only one who exist in the entire world.  God sees you as an individual, so good that you shine in His eyes. 

He sees your heart, so good, so outstanding, so lovely, you are the only one He embraces.  And you feel His Love, you feel overwhelmed with His Full Love, you cry at the warm feelings you feel inside.  You have never felt this love before in your life.  How do I know?  This is how I felt when God choose me as His child, so long ago.  This is the feeling you have to know you have a Father in Heaven.  He is the Father you have on earth too.

If you did not have an earthly father, then find a way to get to know God, our Heavenly Father.  Don’t miss out on God’s Love in your life.  Read the Bible, go to a church that teaches the Bible.  Search what love is all about, in the Bible.  Read the Book of Psalm.  King David is the author of most of the book of Psalm.  As you read the Scriptures, you feel Kiing David’s love for God.  Whenever I feel despair, I read the book of Psalm.

It brings me back to God’s Love.  It brings an enormous love, and happiness.  God’s Love is the only way to find love on Father’s Day, especially when you did not have a father fugire growing up.  Don’t feel resentful if you did not feel a Father’s love growing up.  You won’t feel love if you feel resentful all these years because your Father was not around.  Let that resentment go.  

If you are serious about finding love, then let resentment go.  God, our Heavenly Father, won’t approach you if you feel resentment in your heart.  God’s Love won’t share with resentment in you.  God is Love.  Resentment is bad for your health, and does not belong in your body, your soul, or in your heart,

Let ur pray:  Our Loving God, our Friend, our Creator, as stated in the Bible:  I did not grow up with a Father’s love.  My Father I did not know.  He was not in my life.  I felt lost all of my life.  My Mother, and family members tried to be a good influence in me, but I always felt lost, and unwanted.  I want to know You, God, to feel wanted.

Lead me to read the Bible.  Show me what church to attend, to know You God, to love You with all my heart.  Show me how to be a Father since I am now an adult, and have children in my life.  Bless my family, especially the children I have.  Give me an abundance of Love to share with my children, and others I meet.  Thank you for Loving me.  These good things I ask in Your Son, Jesus’ Name.  (Amen)…..

Let me leave you with these wishes:  If you had a good Father, be sure to thank God.  Be a good Father, just like our Heavenly Father.  Love those who needs a pat in the back.  Share your good thoughts, and words with those around you.  Be good, and kind with children, and family members.  Be good just as God is good to you.  Never be harsh with others.  You will always be happy when you are kind to others.  May you always feel God’s love today, and always. “Happy Father’s Day, on Sunday, June 15, 2014.”


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